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May 2014

May 6

Hey everyone! So I know I'm not caught up on April quite yet....but I'll get to that eventually :)) Big things have happened this past week-I'm trainnniinnnngggg!!!!! Her name is Kelsey Hansen from Waukesha, Wisconsin! Fresh from the MTC-muahaha! We are definitely a meant-to-be companionship. Knew it from the start when she introduced herself (this was before we knew we were going to be companions) and when asked the question "What weapon would you use and mode of transportation to defeat a zombie apocalypse?" Before she even answered I leaned over to the sister next to me and said "I would so use a Ducati" and then Sister Hansen got up and said "I'd use a AK-47 and a motorcycle" I about jumped out of my seat and couldn't help but basically tackle her when they called my name to be her companion! President Hiers (my mission president) was dying laughing because he remembered my very first day in the mission when he asked what gun I liked to use and I said "AK-47". Had to tell that whole story to the crowd of course and everyone got a big kick out of it. One Elder yelled "Divine revelation!! The church is true!" haha It was so funny!  So basically she's really awesome and this is going to be a great transfer.

I forgot what it was like to not know how to do missionary work so it's been interesting having me try to explain things-poor Sister Hansen. A lot of this week was showing her the ropes and introducing her to people, but we did have a few lessons. First thing we did for the evening was visit a non member named Diane Bloomquist. We had great conversation and she was really inspirational when she told her breast-cancer survival story and how she became closer to God through it. Long story short though, she didn't want to meet with us. But a really great lady! Hansen is a pro. She bore such a solid testimony and I'm so lucky to have her as my companion. She is definitely a hard-worker and has such a great testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the restoration of His gospel through Joseph Smith. Love this girl! So we also met with the Jospehsons this week and they're a new family we will be teaching to help get everyone to the temple. They have never been sealed but have a great desire to return to church and become temple worthy. They are a wonderful family and even came to church this Sunday! Then we also met with Jill again finally and asked her sons the baptismal interview questions to help fill in the gaps on what else they need to do to prepare for baptism. It was an interesting lesson as Brock was talking to his stuffed elves the whole time, but we got through it and now have a better idea of what else they need in order to make that wonderful covenant. At Hansen's first evening here we ate at a dinner with a lady and her inactive friend named Buni. Buni asked such great questions about what the Atonement was and who was Christ and we enjoyed answering them so much and asked her if we could come back again another time. She said yes! So now we have someone else to teach. And I looove teaching her. She isn't afraid to ask questions to things she doesn't understand and we went on about the Book of Mormon with all her questions for like 45 minutes. She wants to read it though and wants to find peace and is tired of feeling sad and we promised her that we can help teach and she can find that peace through this gospel and as she gains that relationship with her Savior. I just love teaching her and hope to see her in the temple! Another day we went tracting and was invited in by this one lady who has been an inactive member for most of her life. Her name is Suzanne and she is about 55 years old and studying to be a mechanical engineer-such a stud! Anyways while talking to her we found out that she had a lot of random rumors about who God and Christ were told to her as a kid-like God coming down to kill the wicked in his "spaceship". My companion bore a strong testimony to her about how that wasn't true, but that God is merciful and he loves us and through holy ghost we can know the truth of all things and that we can find the greatest joy by coming to understand that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he saw God and Christ and restored the gospel of Jesus Christ back to this earth. There were tears in her eyes as she thanked us and said that we were an answer to her prayers that day. I know more than anything it was because of that spirit in that room. Yeah, my comp is legit and has an incredible testimony and I loved that moment of feeling the spirit that strongly. Just reaffirms the truthfulness of what we teach-I love it!

As for the rest of the week we got two nonmember girls- Shelby and Journey- to join us for church. Being the way Sunday's are for a Utah missionary and covering 6 wards I had to run off to a meeting and left Sister Hansen on her first split-but she's a pro and had no problem flying solo. It was great to have Shelby and Journey come and they asked a bunch of questions and we hope to get to the baptism here soon! As far as other news, for the first time ever, a lady came and knocked on OUR door...We didn't know what to do haha I'm sure our faces looked a little puzzled since usually the roll is reversed. But oh was I glad that we were home. This lady (inactive member) had a kidney transplant a year ago and has been fighting infections all year and then on top of it all was going through a divorce and now had to move out of her apartment because she can't afford it and poor thing just broke down when we opened the door. We comforted her and had the Elders come over and give her a blessing and made plans to help her with moving this weekend. Bless her brave heart, I love this woman and so glad she came to us in need of help. That's what we love to do as missionaries, is to let people know that God loves them and that there is hope. If you ever have any questions, feel free to write me on facebook. Or check out! I know that this gospel is Christ's restored gospel, that it can bring the greatest joy and answer so many of life's questions. I know that it was restored through a prophet named Joseph Smith and the same line of priesthood authority that Jesus Christ held has been passed down to our current living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. I only know these things because I've prayed about them myself and have felt the warm comfort of the spirit tell me they were true. Alright, I'll hop off my soap-box. But just wanted to let people know of my testimony! Hope ya'll have a great week!
Let go, Let God
Sister Kodi Norton
P.S. Pics 1. Love these missionaries! Beat Elder Henderson (red ball cap) at a game of pool and he now ahs to call me "Master Commander" for the next two weeks haha 2. This is Sister Hansen!!! First day in the mission!! 3. Annnnnnd Elder Berg, who went from being my Zone Leader to the Assistant to the President! Love that guy!!

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